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Lace Frontals & Closures: All You Need To Know (The Pros & Cons)

Lace frontals are the recent rave. This is because of their versatility and the flawless way it looks like it's growing from your own scalp. One way to identify frontals is that they are used to recreate the hairline from ear to ear while closures are used to recreate the natural parting of the hairline.

Both lace frontals and lace closure hair pieces help to complete your look and are great for styling your wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. However, making the best choice for which option to go for can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. 

So if you're looking to invest in a great and yet to decide whether to go for a lace frontal or closure, we have got you covered. We've put together everything you need to know about lace frontals and closures, the pros and cons too.

What Is A Lace Frontal?

lace frontal

Lace frontal hairpieces come in sew-in or bonded installations. Lace frontals help you achieve a more natural look for your wigs and hair extensions. They are often 4 inches to the back and 13 inches across, covering your hairline ear to ear. Its flexibility allows you to try out different hairstyles suck as center parts, side parts, or ponytails that look natural.

The Pros Of Wearing Lace Frontals

1. Lace frontals have less installation time

Lace frontals are easy to install and often require little installation time than sew-in natural hair extensions. It takes an average of less than one hour to install lace frontal wigs or an hour and a half for extensions with frontals. Installing sew-in natural hair extensions like ponytails, usually take about 2 - 4 hours depending on the desired style. Lace frontals are the go-to option for modern women who want protective styles to protect their natural curls and looking to spend less time getting ready every day.

2. Lace frontals allow you to style your hair however you want

One of the biggest perks of wearing a lace frontal hairpiece is the versatility it offers, which allows you to personally style your wigs or extensions however you want, from ponytails to middle or side parts. Lace frontals give you a natural hairline, so you have the freedom to style your hair as desired. It's almost like styling your own natural hair!

Here are some of the styles you can achieve with a lace frontal wig:



3. Lace frontals allow your hair to breathe

We all know the normal routine of having to wear our wigs or sewn-in extensions and experiencing huge discomfort from them during unbearably hot weather. Lace frontals are comfortable to wear on the head and allow a constant flow of air to your scalp and hair. 

The Cons Of Wearing Lace Frontals

1. Lace frontals can damage your hairline

Sew-in lace frontal wigs are usually installed using glue or lace tape. They last between 2 to 4 weeks without needing a retouch. The longer period of time your lace frontals have to stay installed can make it irritate your skin and severely damage your hairline or break off your edges.

2. Lace frontals can require a lot of work

At first installation of lace frontal wigs, it requires a lot of tweaking to achieve the natural look it has. You will need to do things like bleaching the knots of the wig, tweezing, tinting, plucking or trimming baby hairs and installing your wig correctly so you can achieve a realistic hairline. If you wear a sew-in lace frontal extension, it often requires weekly upkeep and maintenance, to achieve better results and a more natural look. However, if you don't want to go through all that styling, you should rock a lace frontal wig, which doesn't require as much work as sew-ins.

3. Lace frontals are more expensive

Because of the need to achieve a more realistic natural look, lace frontals are more expensive to buy than lace closures. While lace frontals need fewer raw Indian bundles, the freedom of versatility to style any desired look which it offers will explain the spike in the price of the lace frontal.

What Is A Lace Closure?

lace closure

A lace closure typically comes in 4 X 4 inches in size and is used to close off your wig or a particular style. They are available in many different styles which include the three-part, free part, and middle part. Three-part closures allow you to part the hair in three different ways while the middle part closures only give you one style option. Free part, however, let you part your hair however you wish to. A free part closure hairpiece is more preferred because of the versatility it offers.

The Pros Of Wearing Lace Closures

1. Lace closures require little maintenance

Unlike sew-in lace frontal wigs, owning a lace closure hairpiece doesn't require a whole lot of experience in order to care for and maintain it. The most work you could ever do on lace closure wigs or extensions is washing, conditioning, and styling it. For lace closure wigs and extensions, it technically involves taking it off at the end of the day and putting it back on the next day.

2. Lace closures last for longer

Whether you're going for a sew-in or lace closure wig, they typically last longer than a frontal, with proper maintenance. Lace closures are more suited for warmer weather. as they don’t require as much gluing and customizing as sew-in lace frontal wigs do. After 2 or 3 weeks, your sew-in lace frontal wigs start to lose their glue and pull off gradually at the edges.

3. Lace closure protects your hair

With lace closures, you can fix the problem of blending the color and texture of your hair with your weave. You don't have to apply heat or dye parts of your hair in order to match your weave. Instead, you would only be dying your weave and closure, any color you want, and not any of your actual hair, making the process much safer. Wearing a lace closure allows you to experiment with so many styles and colors with little or no damage to your hair.

The Cons Of Wearing A Lace Closure

1. Lace closures limit your styling process

Usually, the lace closure doesn't offer versatility when it comes to styling your wigs or extensions. You are only limited to 3 styles, which are the three-part, free part, or middle part options. Your hair can't be pulled back into a ponytail using a lace closure, however, this is not the case with the 360 lace frontal wigs which lets you pull your hair back into a simple ponytail and style it in multiple ways.

2. Lace closures don't fit sometimes

Frontals tend to fit in snugly when you wear them, unlike closures. Having no knowledge of your head size or not measuring it accurately will leave you with a lace closure wig that doesn't fit perfectly. 

3. Lace closures grow out your hair

If you wear a sew-in lace closure weave or wig, as your hair grows over time, it will grow together with your wig or weave. This usually pushes up your wig or pushes it out of the way, and you would need to do a readjustment of your wig or weave every 4 weeks. That's a lot of trips to the hairstylist, we know you don't want to make.

Lace frontal or closure, which option would be choosing for your next wig purchase? You can also explore our options of natural hair lace closures, while you're at it.

Lace Closure vs Lace Frontal :What’s the Difference?

When choosing frontals and closures for sew ins or wigs, which type of closure is better? Lace closure vs lace frontal,What's the difference between them?Were here to help you understand the difference and make the best choice and decision for your desired look and style. 

So before we go in to the differences lets discuss why they`re similar and why many people may get the two confused. 


◆Lace frontals and lace closures are both great for creating beautiful sew ins.

◆They both are used to close off an install.

◆Both closures and frontals eliminate the need for blending leave out with hair extension tracks. 

◆Also both are made using durable lace of either Swiss lace or French lace.

Now that we know the basics of what makes them similar lets dive in to what makes them different and discuss the differences between lace frontals and lace closures.

What you will learn from this Bomb blog article:

What is a Lace Frontal 

What is a Lace Closure

Whats the Difference between a Lace Frontal and a Lace Closure

Lace Closures Vs Lace Frontals : How to Choose Whats Best For You 

About Lace Frontals

Lace Frontals are pieces which goes from ear to ear and are  sewn with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair. The size can range from 13” across and 4” to 6" back.

Our Bomb Lace Frontals and closures are made with a durable 13"X 4" ear to ear lace mesh. They can be worn and customized to look just like your real hair. Our Frontals are made to blend with our bundles and are like the icing on a cake to a flawless sew-in or wig unit.

The frontal can be held in different styles and you can hold the hair back whereas the closure cannot be held back. 

A lace frontal is used when you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. Frontals are also often used by people who have traction alopecia or thinning edges.

Lace Frontal Details:

Natural color lace front closure, 13*4inch, swiss lace, medium brown lace;

This is high quality 100% virgin human hair lace frontal.

The lace frontals can bdyed, curled, straightened and restyled as you like.

To create the most natural and realistic look you can lightly bleach the knots and or/ apply makeup foundation to the underside of the frontal. 

Why Choose Lace Frontal Hair?

 First, ear to ear lace front closure is more comfortable to install and wear. Many women who wear lace frontals use them when they want to try a completely different color or texture from their natural hair color or when they want to protect their edges and hair that they normally leave out in sewing in hair extensions.

If you want to know how to sew in lace frontals, read these blogs-Wigs, Wigs, Wigs or Hair Extensions 101: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

 Second, a lace frontal has its unmatched styling versatility. Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option that a closure doesn’t; frontals allow you to wear pulled back hairstyles.

A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

♥ Third, lace frontal closure 13x4 saves less hair bundles compared to lace closure. It seems that lace frontal is expensive individually but from the whole, you can buy less hair bundles to match. Thus you also save sew-in and wear comfortable.

 Finally,frontals can be used to conceal the loss of hair along the hairline. They have an ear to ear coverage area designed to mimic your own hairline. Frontals can also be used to create a more affordable lace wig.

You can make wig according to this tutorial-How to Make a Wig 

About Lace Closure

Next, let’s talking about what’s lace closure?

A lace closure is different from a frontal because it does not cover your head from temple to temple.  Instead, closures are installed in the “horseshoe” area of the head to close of the style, hence the name closure.

Closures are typically 4” X 4” but can come in slightly smaller or larger sizes.  There are two types of closures: silk base closures and lace closures. They can even sometimes come in different densities also as Lace Frontals do as well. You can learn more by reading this article: Hair Density for Wigs


A key to a great closure in ensuring that there is a natural density to it. The secret key to a great closure is to make sure that lace that it is on has bleached knots around the perimeter and that you dye the lace to be two shades lighter than your complexion on your face.

Hair Details: 

1.Hair material: 100% unprocessed virgin human Hair.Top quality and best service. 

2.Lace closure 4×4inches; Natural Black;Body Wave; Can keep the texture after wash. 

Lace closure :swiss lace, hand tied, 130%density, can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, curled or styled as your own hair. 

4.Our Closures are human hair,No shedding, tangle fee, soft and smooth, glossy, full cuticle, no Smell, no knots, no lice, with thick bottom, No short hairs. We also carry HD Lace closures which sell out very quickly. 

Loose Wave Hair Closure

Loose Wave Hair Closure


Why Choose Closures?

 Versatile Part.The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, permed or receding hairline.

Bomb Dot Com Hair has the best quality lace closures for a free part, middle part and three part closure.

 Color to go.You can dye your closure, frontal or weave any color your heart desires without having to color your real hair to match.  You no longer have to worry about damaging your real hair trying to color match your weave to your leave out.

 No Blending, No Worries! For those who wear human hair weave, it is very important to makes the hair wigs look natural. Lace closure is often required to makes your own hair and human hair pieces well blended at the hairline area.

 Protective styleLace closures are usually installed by sew- in to cover the top area where the weaving hair gets sewn in.

What’s The Difference Between Them? 

Size: The most obvious difference between lace frontals and lace closures are the size. Closures are typically 4 x 4 inches.While frontals are 13*4 inches.Lace frontals are bigger mainly because they run temple to temple to cover the entire hairline.

Lace closures are smaller because their primary purpose is to close off an install hence the name closure. Closures typically only cover a horseshoe size portion at the top or front of an install.

Materials: Both closures and frontals are typically made with either lace or silk. Some frontals are even made with both silks in the middle 4x4 section and lace on either side.

While silk base closures tend to mimic a scalp more accurately when viewed up close, lace based closures and frontals are preferred as the material lays much flatter against and blends better with the scalp. This allows lace users to achieve not just a natural, but accurate replica of their own scalp. 

Versatility: The main benefit of choosing a lace frontal is its unmatched styling versatility. Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option that a closure doesn't; frontals allow you to wear pulled back hairstyles.

Remember closures only cover a small portion of the front of the install making it impossible to pull back the sides without exposing tracks. A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

Installation: Both closures and frontals can be sewn in or constructed into a wig. They can then be sewn down around the edges or worn as a removable wig with a band and laid down with some hair gel.

Ultimately, a wig with a frontal will provide its wearer with the most styling versatility, but closures remain the most appropriate option for simple everyday looks (like ones with a middle part) and/or for those who wish to maintain an exact style.

Besides, another difference between the two is that lace closures are sewn into place while lace frontals are generally meant to be bonded in place. While both can be placed either in front or behind the hairline, lace frontals are commonly placed in front of the hairline usually because they are bonded with adhesive or tape.

Click this video to se how to apply a lace frontal wig with and with out lace glue adhesive. 

Cost:Lace frontals are a bit more expensive than lace closures. This is because lace frontals include more lace and hair material. 


Lace Frontal vs Lace Closure: How To Choose Which is Best For You!

  • Choosing depends on your style of choice, a lace frontal may be more appealing than a closure or vice versa.
  • If you like to pull your hair back then a lace frontal will be best for you. If you simply want to close your install with a natural looking scalp then a lace closure will be the best solution for you. 
  • For some people,a lace closure with virgin hair bundles maybe a good choice. You can apply a lace closure to any kind of hair types what it be scanty, permed, or natural.
  • Ar Bomb Dot Com Hair Extensions,  you can find both closures and frontals.  Closures and Frontals are also available in rare raw hair origins. 
  • And various parting styles: free part, middle part and three part lace closures are available for you to create a perfect and natural hairline.
  • Either way they both will enhance your install  or wig by giving it the natural look that we all go for!

Thanks for reading! Remeber at Bomb Dot Com Hair Extensions, You are a Crown of Beauty (Isaiah 62:3)

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