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The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors
The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors - BombDotComHair
The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors
The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors
The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors

The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors

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Have you ever asked yourself how do I find a Hair Vendor List to start my own hair extension business? How to start a business? How much money can I make selling hair extensions? What kind of hair should I sell? Where can I get a hair vendor list with BEST wholesale and dropship hair and mink vendors in 2020?

How do I know if the hair good quality and affordable? Are these questions you have ever asked yourself? Did you go crazy, get frustrated and almost give up asking yourself these questions? Well were here to provide you the best hair vendor list you may ever come across!

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What makes this Hair Vendor List so special? Well, we have formatted our Hair Vendor List into a guide. Its more that just a list of names its a descriptive outline of bomb hair vendors who carry great quality hair extensions. 

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How Do we know the vendors on this hair vendor list is quality? Because we have used them ourselves and some were still using.

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This hair vendor list is not a bunch of fluff or random wholesale hair vendors and distributors we compiled into a list. No! Its a Hair Vendor List of Top quality hair that we`ve purchased (none of it was sent free), tested (the guide goes into detail about how to test that hair) and worn for weeks at a time. 

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This Hair Vendor List is quality human hair that you wont be wasting your money on. It has thee best Hair wholesalers, distributors and drop shipper in the Hair and Beauty industry. 

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We`ve also included a free checklist with your hair vendor guide to help you get started with youth hair extensions, wig and lash business quickly and efficiently.

We also added a sample email to send your potential vendor when selecting your perfect hair vendor for your business.

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Our Bomb Book of Hair Vendors List Guide  is great for startup businesses looking to get started, new hair extensions businesses, established hair business ready to grow and/or diversify their products or clientele or the hair connoisseur who simply wants access to BOMB hair at BOMB prices.

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Our Hair Vendor List and book contains, wholesale raw hair, wholesale virgin hair, wholesale lashes, wholesale packaging, education and more. This hair vendor guide will INSTANTLY download once you purchase.

  • 10 total vendors inside
  • Includes: US Vendors, Wholesalers and Dropshippers
  • Raw Indian, Raw Cambodian Hair, and Chinese Hair suppliers
  • Hair tested and verified!
  • BONUS: Eyelash vendor, Hair Packaging Vendor, Hair Branding Specialist PLUS a GET started quick Checklist.
  • This downloadable e-book is the perfect guide to starting your hair extension business and/or growing it. 
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Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

I got this guide for my wife whose starting her hair business. I thought it was just going to be a list but it was like a book/ manual. Every supplier had a detailed description of their products and services. Now shes working on the checklist that`s at the end of the book. I highly recommend it! My wife was wasting money on unverified wholesalers.

This book is very personal to us. We know all to well the struggle of starting a hair business. We got burned so many times by suppliers, vendors and companies who sold us really trash hair. What many don`t realize is, you become known for the hair you sell. Branding means nothing when it doesn't compare to your product or service. It was very important that we curated the BEST BOMB hair extension companies. We invested tens of thousands into sourcing, researching, testing and selecting the RIGHT hair and supplier. Not only is the hair good but the suppliers have good communication and reliable inventory and that`s extremely important. We wanted to provide more than a hair vendor list but also some key essentials when it comes to selecting Bomb Hair Vendors, wholesalers and suppliers. We`re so happy you both love it!