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Have you ever asked yourself how do I find a Hair Vendor? How do I start my own hair business? How much money can I make selling hair extensions? What kind of hair should I sell? Where can I get a hair vendor list with BEST wholesale and dropship hair and mink vendors for 2022?

How to find the best hair vendor

Oh, and how about this one, "How do I know if the hair good quality and affordable"? Are these questions you have ever asked yourself? Did you go crazy, get frustrated and almost give up asking yourself these questions? Well were here to provide you with information on how to find wholesalers, the best virgin  hair vendors and what just might be the best hair vendor list you may ever come across! This article will help you learn how to start a hair business online. Find out how to find  a good hair vendor list and can help your learn how to start a hair business with no money and from home.

But First! What is a Hair Vendor List?

Over the last few years the trend of selling a list of hair vendors began to gain popularity as more and more people have started getting into the hair extension industry. 

With an estimated $6-10 Billion in annual hair sales, this industry is HOT and everyone is trying to get their coin.

The reality of it is - its pretty easy to break into the hair game but the untold truth is its extremely difficult to STAY in it and actually be profitable. Its the toss up you have to deal with when entering an overly saturated business. 

Here`s the good news, having access to an excellent hair vendor list that will include hair suppliers that will sell you good quality wholesale hair extensions to supply your business is your gold.

A hair vendor list is a collective of hair vendors and their contact information. The list typically includes vendors who will sell you hair at a wholesale price when you do business with them. Some vendors may require a certain purchase amount and some may not.

Depending on where you get your list it may be delivered as a book, guide or an email containing the vendors information.   

Most lists that are currently for sale on the market will vary with the number of hair suppliers.


Our vendor List "The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors" aka The Great Vendor List PDF is one of the most thoroughest guides available on the market that explains into greater detail what to look for in a hair vendor, common terminology to become familiar with. Not to mention our vendor list contains  a brief description of the company and our own experience and review from using the company (a bonus that most vendor lists and guides lack). It will help you learn how to start a hair business online. How to start a hair business online

How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Cost?

Great question! We have seen lists vary in price from $47 all the way up to $1,997!

Some will break it down by type of vendor. For example, one company could include one list that sells Raw Indian Hair while another sells Raw Cambodian Hair.

It really depends on the type of wholesale extensions you are looking for. This is important because your company will be known for the type of hair you sell. Period. The branding, colors and all the glitz and glam are just a small piece of your overall company. 

how to start a hair business online

In short, list prices can vary greatly and while some  maybe worth is others may not be. Personally, as the owner of Bomb Dot Com Hair, I've spent several thousand finding the right hair form my company -from paying for lists to testing it out and maintaining it. The hair industry is a high-risk business. Its in part why Im so excited to be able to offer "The Bomb Book of Hair Vendors" Its NOT a list of fluff and hair wholesalers that will charge high prices for low quality products. Its real vendors that we have done real business with and continue to do business with to this day. 


How to Select Vendors

When selecting vendors for your company which of the following is important criteria to consider?

A. A vendor who says they have the best hair.

B. A vendor who has the cheapest prices.

C. A vendor who communicates well.

We`ll give you some time to think about it. 

Ok, lets see, If you guessed "C", you are CORRECT!

So here`s the tea. EVERY vendor will claim to have the best virgin hair and be the best hair extension vendor. The term "best" is quite subjective in the hair industry. So if you chose A you are incorrect. The only way to know what is the best or even simply good quality is to test the hair yourself. It best to test different types of vendor suppliers.

how to start a hair extension business online

This will help on the journey of how to find vendors right for your company, with this info our hope is you learn how to start a hair business online, from the comfort of your own home. If you ever only try one kind of hair vendor or company you wont really know whats out there and how to best market to your target audience. 

If you guessed "B", that`s not quite right either. During your vendor selection process price is extremely important but remember you get what you pay for. Price should be taken into account with quality.

Higher quality hair will cost more thus you should mark it up higher to make a profit. Whatever the wholesale or retail cost it should match the product, otherwise you will end up with a lot of returns from clientele.

how to start a hair business online

There are many cheap hair vendors on the market. Some are worth starting a hair extension business with and other not so much. Before spending a penny read reviews and do your research.

Lastly, If you chose letter "C" , here`s why you`re correct: Making sure you have good communication is vital. The best hair vendors maintain good communication because they understand the value of their customers.

Most hair vendors you will come across will not be U.S. based- especially if you want wholesale hair prices. Some of the top hair vendors are across seas and the good majority you will never meet.

how to start your own hair weave business

You will be entrusting these hair vendors and suppliers with not just money but your customers money and the reputation of your business. 

Lets say, You order hair from a hair vendor, the pictures look amazing, you've seen some mixed reviews but the prices are out of this world. You proceed to contacting that vendor.

You ask for more pictures of certain types of hair and even videos but you keep getting the same pics over and over. Their communication is a shaky, responding every 2 -3 days (and factor in the time differences across seas).

You still proceed to purchase hair from the vendor. Its been a whole week and no tracking number. You follow up 6 times- on the 7th time they provide the tracking.

You receive the hair and the wefts are all falling apart. Its shedding right in your hand and you place a flat iron to it and the hair begins to melt. You try to return it by contacting them several times  and you don`t get an answer for days.

how to start your own hair company

You customers are waiting for hair and you now are stuck with bad hair from hair vendor that wont even return your messages. Sorry to say this is the tale of many newbies in the hair industry- but it doe sent have to be you. Communication is one of the most important criteria to consider when selecting vendors for starting your hair company.

The Best Hair Vendor List 

We can stress this enough, you need a hair vendor list with the virgin hair vendors. And the great new is we have one for you to help you in your journey. We have formatted our Hair Vendor List into a guide. Its more that just a list of names its a descriptive outline of bomb hair vendors who carry great quality hair extensions. 

hair company

How Do we know the vendors on this hair vendor list is quality?

Because we have used them ourselves and some were still using. Need we say more? Read the reviews below from REAL clients

This hair vendor list is not a bunch of fluff or random wholesale hair vendors and distributors we compiled into a list. No! Its a Hair Vendor List of Top quality hair that we`ve purchased (none of it was sent free), tested (the guide goes into detail about how to test that hair) and worn for weeks at a time. 

What Kind Of Hair Is a Vendor List?

This Hair Vendor List is quality human hair that you wont be wasting your money on. It has thee best hair wholesalers, distributors and drop shipper in the Hair and Beauty Industry. 


What else do I need to know about Hair Vendor Lists?

We`ve also included a free checklist with your hair vendor guide to help you get started with youth hair extensions, wig and lash business quickly and efficiently.

We also added a sample email to send your potential vendor when selecting your perfect hair vendor for your business.

What Can I use a Hair Vendor List for?

Our Bomb Book of Hair Vendors List Guide  is great for startup businesses looking to get started, new hair extensions businesses, established hair business ready to grow and/or diversify their products or clientele or the hair connoisseur who simply wants access to BOMB hair at BOMB prices.

What Exactly Is In You Vendor List?

Our Hair Vendor List and book contains, wholesale raw hair, wholesale virgin hair, wholesale lashes, wholesale packaging, education and more. This hair vendor guide will INSTANTLY download once you purchase.

  • 10 total vendors inside
  • Includes: US Vendors, Wholesalers and Dropshippers
  • Raw Indian, Raw Cambodian Hair, and Chinese Hair suppliers
  • Hair tested and verified!
  • BONUS: Eyelash vendor, Hair Packaging Vendor, Hair Branding Specialist PLUS a GET started quick Checklist.
  • This downloadable e-book is the perfect guide to starting your hair extension business and/or growing it. 

 Raw Cambodian Hair supplier



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