"I wanted more women like me to have access to quality hair"

-Raye Michel



In 2013 the last straw that broke the camels back was drawn. Yet another hair horror story for me.  I went hair shopping online after hours of research to buy some "Bomb" hair, or so I thought. Uber excited I installed it as soon as i got it. It looked great...that day. That night, however was another story. I accidentally got my hair wet, but having spent so much money I thought less of it. What happened next shook me. Blue dye starting leaking out of my hair unto one of my favorite white turtle neck shirts. I couldn’t believe it. I researched all these retail stores, I read what they said about their "human hair" and I still "got got" ! 

I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars from my mall job that I worked while attending school. Not to mention the countless experiences of spending hundreds on hair THEN paying even more to get it styled just for it to look like a birds nest sitting on my precious little head. These experiences helped to be a catalyst for my passion of creating my hair business. You see what I realized is the stylists would slay my hair. Any great stylist can work with just about anything but the gold of hair (or lack there of ) is revealed after washes and time. This is when the idea of  Bomb Dot Com Hair began to manifest 


Fast forward to 2017, with no capital, no business background, no inventory and absolutely no experience I started Bomb Dot Com Hair, now known as Bomb Hair Inc. 

While I didn’t have any of the things mentioned above, the one thing I did have was faith. I believed God! I trusted Jesus in what He says about my life, my purpose and even my vision. 

My vision was for other women of my skin color to have access to quality too!  I always knew quality was a disparity to women of color in many facets, and I was tired of it! I just wanted more women like me  (African American) to have access to quality. And so birthed the vision.  I knew it was up to me to work the vision. I coupled my faith with an incredible work ethic and began to plow the field, so to speak, and I`ve never looked back!

Why Bomb Hair?

We are committed to excellence! Our mission is to provide quality hair extensions and products. Our vision is to be an industry leader in the hair industry. Bomb Hair Inc. is where  beauty meets quality and culture. 


Bomb Hair Inc., provides what we call in hair culture "Bomb Dot Com" Hair, meaning its dope, really good and excellent. The term Bomb is actually defined as something explosive by Webster. In urban culture Bomb is defined as something considered excellent or the best (in this context). We like to consider our brand as striving towards all of the above plus more. 

You see Bomb Dot Com Hair, is more than hair, its a lifestyle!


When we say we are more than hair we mean that! Bomb Hair is just one extension of what we do (see what we did there). We also provide quality hair care information, resources and tips. We have an empowerment driven blog dedicated to sharing information that affects our community.

We are proud to be a black owned, woman owned brand. We value not just good hair and quality experiences, but true beauty that spans beyond the aesthetic of hair.  We believe true beauty begins from the inside out. We were founded on the scripture Isaiah 62:3 that says, You are a Crown of Beauty, Royalty and Glory! 

We create content that cultivates our Bomb Queens, after all they are royalty! Content that inspires, informs and impacts them. Knowledge is beautiful and powerful. Its a blessing to have a platform that pours into our Queens and helps make sure their Crown is never crooked.  Creation and sharing of content and information became our catapult to take things to the next level. 


As we grow as a brand, we grow in our vision and our purpose. Bomb Hair Inc., has begun embarking on our next level as we have now introduced the Entrepreneurial component of our brand. This component has a initiative to provide services and resources to the underserved and to other black  women who don’t  have access  to quality resources to start their entrepreneurial  journey or scale their established business. This includes vendors, books, resources, guides and consultation  calls. Whats next for this component  is the mentorship  and internship program for young women bosses who want to dominate in the Beauty industry. Stay tuned and in tune as we take this journey together!


You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. 

-Song of Songs 4:7