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Deep Wave is all the rave! Everything you need to know about deep wave hair extensions.

As a hair retailer and provider you see many trends in the industry of your market place. Some you experience yourself and others you read about. Trends like:

  • The # 1 selling hair texture
  • Popular colors and coloring techniques
  • Commonly sold lengths
  • Hair styles that spike in wear depending on season and so much more

Deep Wave Hair Bundles

Summer Perfect Hair

With the onset of summer and the super warm weather it’s no surprise that women are looking for easier to manage hair styles.

I mean let’s face it summer is vacation and baceation season. Who among wants to put in the work of styling hair regularly that may end up frizzing up or falling flat because of the warmer temperatures?

That`s why deep wave hair is perfect for the summer and quite frankly any season.

Baecation hair. Virgin Deep wave hair bundles on sale

Here`s the deal

We all need that go to style that’s not just low maintenance but actually looks nice too!

In this season it should be surprising to know that deep wave hair extensions are the number one selling style. What makes deep wave so great is few things:

  • It’s wavy enough to spray and go – literally
  • It’s deeper than a body wave so adds heightened style and volume
  • It’s looser than curly wave and the average curly extensions so not as much maintenance is necessary.
  • It looks great long or short
  • It can be straightened pretty easily
  • After straightening it will still revert
  • It has a an effortless curl
  • It looks great in poolside selfies

DEEP WAVE HAIR WET The best High Quality Virgin Deep wave hair

Rock your Deep Wave

Honestly, there’s so much more we can add to the list but we will leave it at that, for now.

What you want to do with deep wave especially as the temperatures begin to escalate is make it into a frontal wig.

Even if you’re not the most professional stylist, that ok! It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a deep wave wig, even at the rookie level, because it’s intended to have a messy carefree look.

If you really don`t know what you`re doing be sure to do your research and find a great hair stylist and beauty salon who will slay your lace wig or sew-in.

Check out our owner in her deep wave below (wearing deep wave frontal with 3.5 bundles of 22-24 inches):

Loose deep wave hair with frontal and bundles 22-24 inches with frontal

Here take a closer look at our Virgin Deep Wave hair weave bundles. Our deep wave extensions can last you a long time with proper care.

Deep Wave Hair Bob

What you need to know

To get the right look with deep wave – fullness is key. Whether it’s a wig, a glues in or sewed in style you need to have the right amount of bundles.

Our bundles are pretty full and for 20 inches and shorter you’re good to go with 3 bundles and a frontal.

You may need 4 with a closure or natural part once you go past 20 inches you typically need to add more bundles for fullness.

Don’t skimp here because it will make or break your look. You see the thing about deep wave hair is you want to add water and product for that we look, even when it’s dry.

That’s the beauty of it. The flip side to that coin is once you add product and a little good old H20 their hair looks more contained.

The product will give your hair less of a full look, which is beautiful but watch out, the last thing you want is a weave people can see through.

Take a look at this hair chart to advise you on bundles need depending on lengths bought. We call it the “How many bundles do I need?” chart.  

Peruvian deep wave hair- How many bundles do i need hair chart

Wait a minute! What the right length for me!?

Ok, so maybe you’re asking yourself now, well how long I should buy the hair or where would the hair stop if I bought a certain length.

No worries, weave got you covered- pun intended.

Take a look at this hair chart as a reference. The hair length chart is a great guide for where your hair weave extensions would stop if you got wavy hair, straight hair or curly hair.

We call it the "What length should I buy?" hair chart. In this case you would want to take a look at the wavy reference one for deep wave.

loose deep wave bundles with closure- Bundles hair length hair chart

How to define  deep wave hair? 

Great Question! When you first get the hair there not much you have to do but over time you want to make sure you’re prepared to style your hair and combat the effects of chlorine water, beach water, rigid temperatures or just normal wear.

You always want to make sure your hair looks Bomb Dot Com!

Products we like

Well first and foremost make sure you have a spray bottle that will be used to spray water into your hair.

If your hair is dirty or needs to really be revived be sure to wash and condition it.

You also want to have a gel or gel -like custard and a brush that detangles.

Lastly, we like to follow up with a liquid shine product and you’re good to go.

So here’s the list:

  • Spray bottle- we like plastic with a wide bottom
  • Gel- Eco isn’t bad but we love LA looks wet look
  • Brush-Denman detangling brush works well and the Modesa wig brush is our fave, belive it or not, we got ours from Family Dollar.
  • Crème – OGX curling crème can work but we prefer LA looks
  • Shine – Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum is everything! For a cheaper alternative we also like Smooth N Shine Polishing Hair Polisher, Instant Repair

loose deep wave bundles with closure- Products to define your deep wave

The products above are exactly what we used to achieve this Bomb Dot Com look below:

loose deep wave Brazilian hair Blonde and caramel highlighted deep wave hairstyle

Ok yea! But how do I use these products to revive and style my deep wave hair?

No problemo! We’ll give you some super easy steps to styling that deep wave weave or wig. Ready?

Start with clean new bundles or extensions. Well-conditioned hair weave extensions are a great starting point.

Next, spray it with water until its damp. We usually spray until the hair is so we that water actually start dripping onto our clothes.

Next add your product. Here is where we add our LA Looks gel. A quarter size amount gives you light definition. We usually use 4 times that for maximum definition.

The more product the more defined. Be careful gel will make your hair crunchy to the feel but looks soft and wavy.

Finish off with a quarter size amount of hair shine liquid. You can use hair shine spray. That’s it, you’re good to go!

Why we love and you will too!

Deep wave is easy to style and versatile to wear. It’s manageable and sexy and appealing.

Check out our deep wave bundles they will last you over a year with proper care.

Also check out our tutorial. The hair in the video was made into a wig and has been worn every day for two months straight.

Yup two months! It survived the extreme heat in Haiti and New York, several beach and pool adventures and 2 bleach colorings.

BombDotComHair Deep Wave bundles is the hair you want for your perfect style. Come shop with us Bomb Dot Com Hair!


Loose deep wave hairstyles-Defining and reviving and bringing out the curl in your deep wave hair bundles, wigs and  extensions

 Check out this super quick  tutorial on how i defined my deep wave hair:

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