Celebrity Inspiration: Cardi B | Bomb Dot Com Hair

We are absolutely in love with Cardi B`s versatile looks.

Whether its a long red weave down to her calves or a short blonde ear length bob we`re here for it!

Check her out as she slays the front cover of "Fashion Bomb Daily" with this toffee brown natural style do!

Achieve this look using our "Kinky Straight"," Kinky Curl" or any of our "Kinky Extensions" teased out. 

You can also decide to twist your extensions. To twist take two strands of hair and wrap around each other. If you decide to do this follow these steps. 

Step 1: With lightly-oiled fingers, separate each curl or twist with your hands.
Step 2: Twist each separated section in the direction of the curl for added definition.
Step 3: Starting at the root, use a pick or wide-tooth comb to lift hair and create more volume.
Step 4: Shake your hair out and lift sections at the back for even more volume!
Step 5: Finish off your look with a sheen spray (for added shine) or a dry shampoo (for added texture) and you’re ready to go.

Tell us how you feel about this Bomb Look in the comments below:

Image of rapper  Cardi B in long curly hair style in trendy outfit

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