Accessorize Your Wig: Headbands

Raye Michel, the CEO at Bomb Dot Com Hair, gives us some tips on how to accessorize your crown of glory effortlessly: with a headband!

Get Inspired!



Not sure where to start and what style to choose? You’re as close as your next Insta scroll! Simply search #headbands, see what looks are trending, and more importantly, see what headband styles match YOUR style. For example, Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration headband is definitely trending and definitely going in the fashion history books! Also, look for pieces that go with what you’re already working with in your closet. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having an excuse to shop, but the inspiration process might just be more exciting when you “work what ya got”!






Get Moderation!



“One thing I recall about wearing headbands as a child is that they were so tight on my head. For that reason, I took them off almost instantly,” Raye said. It’s important to make sure that your headband is moderately snug, just enough to stay in place and not disrupt how your wig is secured. You also want to be comfortable; no one wants to walk around cute on the outside, but internally crying because of a headache! 






Get Creative!



Gone are the days of basic .99 cent plastic headbands! Get creative Sis! They come wrapped in fabric, with cute kitten ears, completely blinged out, and so much more! In a rush and have to head out? You can also make a headband in crunch time. Left over fabric from your latest DIY project? Tie it up and make a cute headband with a bun, all while laying your wig’s edges. Or, repurpose a headband that’s past its prime. Add your favorite bling and things to create something altogether NEW!






So go ahead, go pick your next headband or headband wig! We want to see how amazing you look!



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