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Does Your Hairstylist Hate You? 5 Things To Avoid when visiting your hair stylist!

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do is get on the bad side of your stylist or barber!

They are responsible for helping to nurture and promote healthy growth of your real hair and slay hair your styles with or without hair weave extensions.

Check out this article on 5 things hairstylists hate?

  1. Trying to negotiate the Price

Let me take a sip of this tea before I continue. We know there are bills to pay but keep in mind stylist have bills too.

Often times a stylist price are set to match the quality, intensity, longevity and length of time of their work. Does the term “You get what you pay for” ring a bell?

Most women research or hear about a stylist before they sit in their chair. That means you must have liked what you saw or heard. With that being said the price is the price.

Were getting to a time where weaving techniques are getting better and looking more natural.

For a lace frontal sew-in you’re looking at around $180- $200 to start and that’s becoming the industry standard. We advise asking ahead of the time what the price will be BEFORE you even book your appointment.

This way there will be no questions or reason to negotiate during styling.

  1. Running Late

Ok we get it Traffic is a real thing and life happens but advanced notice makes a major difference.

Your lateness- especially lateness greater than 15minutes -can throw off your stylist entire schedule.

It can also cause them to rush your appointment just to stay on schedule – and trust me you don’t want that. Always notify your stylist ahead of time so they can appropriately.

  1. Telling your stylist how to do their job.

OHHH This is a biggie! How many of us have been guilty of this? To make it plain, if you could do it yourself than you wouldn’t need them.

I mean we get it- you have a picture in your head of how you want the style to come out. Sometime you have to trust the process.

If your feel as though something isn’t right during the process- reiterate what you want, show them a clear picture and continue or decide not to! The choice is yours but don’t micromanage your way through an entire appointment.

  1. Extra loud and disruptive behavior

Sometimes a juicy conversation can get you all riled up. Yeah we know the feeling but it doesn’t mean everyone in the salon needs to hear the conversation. How about when people bring all their friends and start to chat it up and you can’t even think? It’s super loud and disruptive.

Try stepping outside to continue the conversation or texting instead. Most salons are cracking down on their “Bringing other people” policies, where clients can only come alone. Try to minimize the amount of people coming to your appointment.

  1. No Shows

Do we really need to explain this one? At least call or send a message to notify the stylist or salon you won’t be coming.

Many stylists aren’t paid by the hour or salaried and a no show equates to a lot of lost money. I even spoke a stylist who travel 1.5 hours by bus to an appointment to have her client never show up- did we mention she opened up the shop just for this client.

Give your stylist some notice and let them know you won’t be able to make it- they may even be able to reschedule more optimal appointment.  


What are somethings that you can’t stand as a stylist or as a client? We want to hear you so bring awareness to it and/or find solutions? Comment Below


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