Tiara Rhinestone Headband-Gold

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Our Tiara Rhinestone padded headbands are fit for our Bomb Queens. Featuring sparkling rhinestones in silver or gold settings atop a beautifully padded headband coated in lush black velvet.

Our Bomb bejeweled headbands are a chic accessory to amp up your everyday style or provide the finishing touches too your evening outfits.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Undoubtedly the chief headband trend right now, these are chic and fun but also fiercely flattering - adding a voluminous statement to even the most basic haircut. It also adds a serious zhush to even the most casual look, rendering getting ready for a fancy occasion a real breeze.

3 Ways to Style our Rhinestone Headbands:

-1,Keep it Simple – Add your headband to freshly straightened hair for a look that will take you from day to night.
-2,Classic Waves – Embrace regal elegance with classic soft waves.

-3,The Low Bin – Keep it classic, this look is perfect for those in-between hair wash days.

Pretty and sparkley padded headband 1.0 inch in width in centre widest point, and 0.8 inch thick in centre thickest point. Suitable for any occasion. Headband sewn from high quality velvet and completely sewn by hand without using glue.The advantages of padded velvet is the key to avoiding the "headband headache", which is the primary reason that we’re excited to bring this bomb accessor to our Bomb Queens.

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She's great
It was a pleasure speaking with you! We`re so excited about all of your business endeavors!
Easy to Maintain
Consultation Call
My dream HAIR
Bomb Hair For Real!!!!
Do yourself a favor!
Hair Vendor book
Vietnamese round 2!
Silky smooth curls
Vietnamese raw hair
Bomb silky straight bundles
loving the bomb hair
Really Natural
Yes! Raw Hair definitely requires maintenance. Its all worth it in the end because of the longevity and how natural it looks not to mention it colors like a dream. Raw hair actually even blends with natural hair well, if you ever want to have a natural leave out. Be sure to check out our blog for more information on Raw Hair Vs. Virgin Hair : https://bombdotcomhair.com/blogs/hair/whats-the-difference-between-raw-hair-and-virgin-hair
Highly Recommend
This book is very personal to us. We know all to well the struggle of starting a hair business. We got burned so many times by suppliers, vendors and companies who sold us really trash hair. What many don`t realize is, you become known for the hair you sell. Branding means nothing when it doesn't compare to your product or service. It was very important that we curated the BEST BOMB hair extension companies. We invested tens of thousands into sourcing, researching, testing and selecting the RIGHT hair and supplier. Not only is the hair good but the suppliers have good communication and reliable inventory and that`s extremely important. We wanted to provide more than a hair vendor list but also some key essentials when it comes to selecting Bomb Hair Vendors, wholesalers and suppliers. We`re so happy you both love it!
Bomb Lashes
We`re glad you love your lashes! You can re-wear them up to 30 times depending on care and maintenance.
When can i buy gray wave clo sure
The Gray Body Wave Closure is available for purchase here: https://bombdotcomhair.com/collections/closures/products/bomb-gray-body-wave-closure
Loved It
Hi Rachel, Were so happy you loved it! Be sure to stay tuned for our Black Friday Sale too! Right now its FREE Shipping on everything world wide.
Custom Wigs
This Hair Is So Bomb
Yes! That`s what were all about, Customer Experience. Were glad you love it and you are indeed a Bomb Queen! As Isaiah 62:3 says, You are a Crown of Beauty in the hand of the Lord...!
Hair Indian curly
We are so happy you love it! Thank you for investing in Bomb Dot Com Hair Extensions!