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Our Indian Curly Hair Extensions are from South East India. The hair is not too curly and not too wavy either. The hair is very thick and can be colored from its natural 1B color all the way to a #613 Blonde with ease. This is the finest quality hair you will run your fingers through.

  • Hair Type: 100% Raw Human Hair Extensions
  • Lengths: 10″ – 28″
  • Wefts: Machine Double Stitch
  • Style: Naturally Curly
  • Weight: 100 grams / 3.5 oz
  • Grade: RAW
  • Coloring: Can lift to a #613
  • Hair: From South East India
  • Bundles: Each deal comes with three bundles.

100% Unprocessed Human Hair with cuticles running in the same direction.   Our Raw Indian Curly hair extensions is light weight with big ringlets. This is Bomb Luxe hair. Thick from root to tips with naturally tapered ends as natural hair grows.

This texture will be one of the best hair extensions you will ever try! This hair allows for easy and beautiful looking styles.  When washed, it will revert back to its natural wave pattern. Due to its natural nature, the wave pattern will vary from bundle to bundle.  Each selection will have little to no shedding/strand loss regardless of texture and wave pattern. Our hair can be worn and re-worn several time, especially with proper care and maintenance. The luster is low and extremely natural.

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    Exactly what I needed!

    The Best Raw Cambodian Hair Vendor on the market

    Don't waste your time elsewhere. The Best Raw Cambodian Hair Vendor on the market is in that book. I did not want to buy it because I said 1 vendor for that- No- but then it said verified and tested so I said ok I will give this one a try. This 1 vendor is better than getting a hundred vendors that have never been tested. It wastes your time and your energy and money testing all those vendors. This one I like it. Hair is so good. It feels natural and is so shiny. Smells good too. Best hair I ever got.

    Great FREE Guide for Starting a Hair Business

    I cant believe this book is free. It is just what I needed. I got this guide in addition to the vendor books and the other free resources the company provides. Very inspiring. Gave me the fuel and push to pursue my vision.

    Thank You!

    Great book for beginners like me. I'm ready to break into the hair industry and needed a general understating and guide to hair extensions and the market. I highly recommend this to hair guide to anyone who is relatively new to the industry or want to brush up and the guide is FREE!

    Birthday Hair Aoooww

    I got this bob wig for my birthday and it was mad cute. I don`t really wear weaves but this was hittin. Edges was layed hair was slayed and face was beat. Could`nt tell me nothing. Look at my video the lace dont lie.

    Bleached to Perfection! 😍 Great photo shoot hair

    This hair bleaches to perfection and the hair does not melt or shed after bleaching like some extensions do. Hair was still super soft and shiny and lifted to the color i want and not just a brassy orange. I love it. See my pics below. Definitely recommend if you have a photo shoot coming up too. It has lots of movement and body.

    Bomb Body Wave 💣💣💣❤️🖤🤍

    This was one of 2 wigs from my birthday. Love Love Love this hair. Recommend to EVERYONE. Soft, easy to color and curls really pretty and nice. Colored to burgundy without bleach so easily. The lace was not too thick either. Got a lot of compliments on my hair :-)

    Love My Hair!

    Loved my hair for my birthday. I did 2 wigs from Bomb Dot Com Hair. One I got colored at salon with blonde highlights and the other was bodywave dyed burgundy red. Both were super soft and pretty. Look at my pics.

    Bomb Straight
    Wendi Dobson
    Bomb Straight Hair Bundles

    Def give it 5 stars. I ordered this hair to test. Starting a company myself and wanted hair that I could bleach, dye, straighten and hold a lil curl. Did really well. Got this with the vendor book. I recommend this hair.

    Consultation Call
    Wendi Dobson

    Really great information. Helped me organize all my thoughts and find what to focus on. I ordered the vendor book too. Very nice and good info about starting for newbies like me.

    Custom Wigs
    Ann Pyram
    Worth it!

    The best wig I’ve ever purchased . When I received it I was so excited. I got so many compliments. I love a wig where I can wake up and it still looks good and not stiff or shedding . Thanks bombdotcomhair!!!! I will definitely be purchasing another wig soon!

    Film Lace Wig
    Alisia Patterson
    Really bomb hair !

    This wig was absolutely amazing. I don’t wear wigs much or for too long when I do because they are uncomfortable but not this one. The lace was so soft and light I barely felt it on my skin. The hair quality is amazing as well, I just wish I could chose a longer length 😩


    First time ordering from BDCH and i love the hair no shedding really nice and soft. 3 weeks in and its still minimum shedding and no tangling

    Great hair

    It takes to color well, curls well, and moves well...

    Raw Indian Wavy Hair Extensions
    Katie Frazier-Covington
    Very Nice hair!

    It took color very easily and still fell wonderful.

    Silk Bonnet
    Britt M

    Comfy and secure


    Simply fabulous!!


    One of the best Hair books I've come across. So detailed and very useful information was given.
    Thank you very much.

    Game changer

    Nice rich color, smooth glide, helpful tool for those who aren't lash experts

    Game changer!

    Nice rich color, smooth glide, helpful tool for those who aren't lash experts

    Good information

    Really great vendors and information and i will get in touch and sample these vendor's soon.

    Bubble Gum Pink Front Lace Wig
    Rachel Fluellen

    More bright then the pictures more like a electric pink then a bubblegum gum good Very good quality hair tho just super bright so if you want bubblegum this is not it

    Thanks Rachel, please provide pics so others may see it from a real client! Thank you again!


    Just what I needed

    She's great

    I received quality great advice that everyone needs to know about. Please give her a try. Absolutely wonderful

    It was a pleasure speaking with you! We`re so excited about all of your business endeavors!

    Bomb Loose Wave
    Sia Moiwa

    I love this hair! It's sooo soft, no shed. Good quality and i'll be purchasing again.